Best non-album Train song recommendations please!

Im a bit late arriving at the Train party, so appologies for that first of all!

California 37 was the album of 2012 as far as I'm concerned, but it was actually the first Train album I've ever bought.

Ive recently listened to snippets of other Train songs and, in the past couple of days, I've finally got round to ordering all the other studio albums. Just waiting for them to arrive :)

However, its often the case that some great songs never get released on a studio album - they either end up as b-sides, fan club only songs etc etc.

So, my question is this... What are the "must-have" non-album songs by Train,and where can I find them??

Many thanks for any advice you can give!

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Hello and welcome to the world of the Trainiac! Im not sure about songs that are not on albums - but one thing you might want to check out is the solo album done by Pat - I haven't really listened to it, although I have all other Train albums. So, Ive been thinking I need to check it out.

Welcome to the best band ever :) Did you buy the Alive At Last live EP album? That has some really good songs on it. It also shows the fun that the band has on stage :) And make sure you get Pat's solo album, Last of Seven. It's amazing! A song that I love that isn't on an album is Should We Believe. It was on a Hawaii 5-0 episode. And don't miss out on To Be Loved. As far as I know it's only available as a bonus track on iTunes. Enjoy :)

Welcome! We are a great bunch of fans if i do say so myself! Everyone truly loves the band as musicians and people. THe Alive at Last disc is a great one and i highly recommend it too. I will become addicted to listening to them once they arrive! 

You might also want to check out the DVD the band did with Martina McBride called CMT Crossroads.  It shows the band's versatility and Pat's amazing range vocally.  Other bands have done similar projects on this show but I think you'd enjoy it.  I know I did.  Got my copy on Amazon, if I remember correctly.  Welcome to the club of great Train fans!

Welcome to the TRAINIAC world. There are so many songs that are not found on any albums! I found this list, but, I'm still unable to locate most of the songs. Some are on uTube. There is a free uTube to mP3 converter made by DVD VIDEO SOFT you can find to capture the audio, if you want. Here's the list....Good Luck!!
"All Our Lives"
"Her Confession"
"Hot Nancy"
"I Can't Wait"
"It's Your Life"
"L.A. Freeway"
"Mary's Life"
"Never Let'em Know
"Room in My House
"Should We Believe"
"Simple Life"
"Something Good"
"The Gas"
"The Real You"
"ThingsIDon't Believe
"This Ground"

thanks trainiacs!


you have helped me identify a few cds/dvds i didnt know existed. im very tempted to click and buy them all now but none of my studio albums have arrived yet (post is just tooooooo slow round here!!) so im going to impatiently wait for them to arrive before i splash out any more.


thanks for all the comments and suggestions. im looking forward to coming back and discussing the music once ive given everything a proper listen :)

I am listening to the Itunes Session by Train now. It's got a few acustic songs on it that are on the albums but it's a nice change and you can really hear the vocals in them. I'd recommend that too.

Hi gaucho91 - I was just about to reply to your post but see its been deleted! (Not sure if done by you or site admin?).

Yes I think it's fair to say that there's been a shift in style by Train over the years, the newer songs have a much more commercial feel to them.

I've recently received my copy of the 1st album and to be honest it's probably my least favourite (although it does contain a few songs that I quite like). SMSF and CA37 are my favourites and I agree that they are very different to the early stuff.

Hey Paul, The admin at Friends of Train answered your inquiry.

Thanks gaucho91, I've just realised what you meant! Will pop back there over the weekend.

Thanks for your post.  I am enjoying this music

Welcome, fellow Trainiac!

If you are looking for the must have unreleased songs, you should check out:

  • Avery - This could Possibly be their best track. I know that it's available on soundcloud, posted by the artist "Vintage Train"
  • Father's Day - Another amazing track, also on soundcloud
  • Landmine - My Personal Favorite - it's very difficult to find a studio edition of this. The way I did was by buying their calling all angels single, but it usually costs 30-80 dollars, and is only 3 songs. 
  • Sweet Rain - You Can get this off of the "One and a Half" EP
  • The Highway - Also on "One and a Half"

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