Kayla(@dropsoftrain) and I(@Trainfan2012) had this conversation on twitter! It’s really funny!

                                       *Btw, Kayla is TrAiNiAc on here*


Me: I LOVE TRAIN! I LOVE PEANUTBUTTER! I'm eating PB and listening to @train. Do the math. OMG @patsofatso COVERED IN PB! That'd be AWESOME!!!


Kayla: listening to @train is the best thing in the universe! @jammalama @patsofatso <3


Me: @dropsoftrain @jammalama Wrong! Listening to @train, eating peanutbutter, and thinking about @patsofatso covered in PB is.


Kayla: @Trainfan2012 @jammalama @train @patsofatso LOL! ANYTHING WITH TRAIN IS AMAZING! =D PS I WAS EATING DONUTS LOL


Me: @dropsoftrain @jammalama @train @patsofatso You're just saying that cuz you don't have any peanutbutter...


Kayla: @Trainfan2012 @jammalama @train @patsofatso lol the peanutbutter is harder to get then the donuts! lol but they both have nuts in the name


Me: @dropsoftrain @jammalama @train @patsofatso Idc, get the PB! NOW!


Kayla: @Trainfan2012 @jammalama @train @patsofatso lol ok im now listening to hopeless eating a spoon full of PB pretty awesome lol =D


Me: @dropsoftrain @jammalama @train @patsofatso TOLD YOU SO!!!


Kayla: @Trainfan2012 @jammalama @train @patsofatso lol yep #trainiacs forever! =D


Me: @dropsoftrain @jammalama @train @patsofatso Oh yeah...


Tell me what you think. I think it was THE BEST CONVORSATION EVER!!!

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Hey Kayla, I don't think they're very impressed...

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