Raise your hand (or leave a comment below) letting us know what shows you're coming to on the California 37 Tour this Summer. What new songs are you looking forward to hearing live?

If you haven't picked up your tickets yet, don't sleep! Grab them here. See you soon!

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Houston and Grand Prairie!!  WOO HOO!!!  I want to hear 50 Ways to Say Good Bye and Feels Good at First.  BUT...I want to see a live performance of Fight For Your Right....!!!  :D  <3 ya!!


Cincinatti & Dayton OHIO.  Hubby got me the gold package for Dayton...so looking forward to meeting you guys!!  I would love to hear Feels Good At First, 50 Ways to Say Goodbye, When the Fog Rolls In, and We Were Made for This!  Love the new album!!

im really hoping to go to the woodlands/houston tx show and any or all of the tx shows would be awesome!  i would love to hear them all the whole album is so amazing every single song you guys sing is amazing if i had to make a playlist it would be the longest show ever you guys are incredible hope you all have a fun awesome amzing time on tour love yall <3 =D  ~ kayla

I'm going to the San Diego show on June 30th!!! Off California 37, I'm hoping to hear This'll Be My Year, Drive By, 50 Ways to Say Goodbye, You Can Finally Meet My Mom, We Were Made for This, and When the Fog Rolls In.

I sure hope that Train doesn't play too much of Save Me, SF album. Not that it's a bad album. It's just that by now, they have a whole bunch of material that they can play that have not been played on tour in a long time or at all for that matter. From Save Me, SF, they should really only be playing "Hey, Soul Sister" and "If It's Love". I would like to hear "Brand New Book", their cover of BTO's "These Eyes", "I Am", "Free", "Getaway", "I Wish You Would", "All American Girl", and "Counting Airplanes".

Please play any or all of these songs, Train!!!!!!

Please, please, please come back to Europe in the fall!!!!!!!!

I´m working my butt off cleaning houses to make some extra money (a job in an animal shelter doesn´t pay much) to be able to see you again!!!!


Love ya,



Charlotte and Atlanta.  Hope to hear This'll Be My Year, Drive By, Feels Good At First, Bruises, 50 Ways to Say Goodbye (my personal favorite off the CD), and Mermaid.  Please, please, please, also do Calling All Angels or Parachute.

Tickets in hand for the Golf Course in Endicott, NY and Monmouth University, NJ. The wife and I are looking forward to your new songs, as well as those from Save Me, San Francisco. We have been waiting since the October, 2011 concert in Erie, PA. We're traveling from Dallas in northeastern PA. Maybe next tour how about venues in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area?

Gidday, Had tickets to Melbourne concert and you didnt disapoint. You guys were fantastic to say the least. Althoug a wee bit gelous caus Sydney got Delta. Aint she just beautiful. Pat love , love, loved as usual your song with out the mic , just breath taking. This was my 3 train concert and I have to drive 2 hours but worth every minute.

PS. Pat Your Mum would be listerning and you make her proud every time you sing.

Love Jo

Have gold tickets for your boca show in sept. saw you in Miami a few months ago. My favorite song is when the fog rolls in. If pat could sing anything off his last of seven It would be beyond awesome

I am going to your concert in Montreal on July 10, and I am looking forward to hearing all your new songs. They are all my favourites, but if you guys didn't play " Sing together", I maybe a little disappointed...no, not really.  I am going to LOVE your concert, because you play great music.  This will be my first Train concert.

I am going to the Edgefield Mcmenamins on September 22. Could i bring something, oh say a guitar or ukulele for the band to sign?

I would love to hear drops of jupiter, hey soul sister, meet virginia, i am, all american girl, drive by and mermaid. Also maybe her eyes?

I was planning to get the gold package to see you guys in Charlotte on July 26, but I couldn't get time off from work to fly to the US :( I was really frustrated because I've dream about meeting you for many years now. But I guess I have to continue waiting!! I hope you visit Central America one day! 

You should definitely play all California 37 tracks, mostly California 37, 50 ways to say goodbye and This'll be my year. Besides, you should play Hey Soul Sister, If it's love, Meet Virginia, Calling all angels, Drops of Jupiter, If I can't change your mind, Parachute, and Shelter me. Why don't you play Train? I remember it was a bonus track... it's such a good song!! It would be great. Geez.. I still can't believe I'll miss your concert in Charlotte :'( 

Love you, guys!! Love you, Pat!! 

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