Raise your hand (or leave a comment below) letting us know what shows you're coming to on the California 37 Tour this Summer. What new songs are you looking forward to hearing live?

If you haven't picked up your tickets yet, don't sleep! Grab them here. See you soon!

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Looking forward to Mohegan Sun show in Connecticut.  Looking forward to Bruises (so true!) and You Can Finally Meet My Mom.

I sadly can't make It to any of the shows because all of them are in the USA! Please come to the uk train, please!

im going to lenox ma show! and i really want to hear Bruises 

See you at St. Mary's Basilica in Minneapolis!  Looking forward to meeting you ahead of time.  Might make it to Des Moines later in the month (7/28?)...we'll see.  Favorite songs?  Hard to pick just one, but we kinda need to hear Mary Me.  The whole California 37 album is great... Mermaid, This'll Be My Year, 50 Ways seem to have run up high counts in iTunes.  Brick by Brick is always good.  Drops of Jupiter.  It's About You.  You can finally meet my mom.  Soul Sister.  Save Me San Francisco (!!)  Half Moon Bay!  If It's Love!  Sing Together.  We Were Made For This....basically, just do what you do.  Really looking forward to it.  Thanks.

 HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! I am so very excited!! I am going to meet you guys July 10 in Montreal, Canada.  I am hoping to hear any one of these songs; I AM, If you Leave, Homesick, Free, Eggplant, I wish you would, It's about you, Hopeless , My Private Nation, All I ever wanted, Your  Every Colour, Cab, and I Give Myself to You.  I must say I love all your songs, so I'll be pleased with every song you guys will play.  But since you asked...I know you'll play your greatest hits, so I picked the ones that I liked that aren't commercial singles. God bless you Pat, Scott, Jimmy and the rest of the Crew!

Have a table for the Atlanta Chastain Park on September 7th - can't wait! Looking forward to hearing - Drive By, Hey Soul Sister, 50 Ways to Say Goodbye, Mary Me, Meet Virginia and If It's Love. 

We saw the concert last year with Maroon 5 - it was one of the most fun concerts I have every been to. Since that time, I have turned many of my friends into Train fans. They are 'fighting' over the 6 seats at the table!


Trying my hardest to afford tickets to the Los Angeles show in September! My wife and I each work 2 jobs, and every time we try to make ends meet, someone moves the ends! She suggested I buy one ticket and drive to L.A. alone, so maybe I'll do that...I have every single thing Train has ever recorded, and would love to hear anything at all...Hell, with Pats voice, he could make even the theme from Spongebob sound awesome, right?! Marry Me will always have a soft spot in my heart because it was my wedding song (just got married in February), and my ultimate dream come true would be to sing Bruises with Pat. I know Im lame, but I actually dream about it! Fingers crossed!

is it really that bad? :(

Joann Pitkunigis said:

In Lenox, if you are sitting close, the sound will be crappy.  Saw the boys there last year with front row seats and the sound went right over your head to the rear.  The shed in Lenox is a little hot box.  No ventilation. 

Remy Higgins said:

im going to lenox ma show! and i really want to hear Bruises 

Please come to Dublin Ireland again.....
Seeing your show at The Greek in Berekely, Ca. Love seeing your guys there! Got the silver pkg cuz god was sold to. Celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary at your show and it's my favorite gift from my hubby to be able to see you! My hubby just saw Jimmy and Scott on his flight from Atlanta to SFO last week.
Love all the songs....half mon bay, save the day, a couple of my favorites!
Just keep the shows coming the the Bay Area as we adore you here of course!!!

Please sing Cab on the Ravinia Concert! It's my favorite song and I might cry if I hear it!(With happiness)

Saw you in Daytona, GREAT !

Will see you again at the Rays game , in Tampa Bay, July 13, cant wait.

Saw your last show there after the game, it was a very good show. Thrilled you are here again.!

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