I'm Angela and I live in Ohio.  I have 2 daughters in college,  2 beautiful granddaughters, and a house full of pets. I love Train, obviously, but I also love Sting, The Police, and 30 Seconds to Mars.  One of my favorite things to do is to go to concerts. I've seen Sting, Train, Jack's Mannequin, 30 Seconds to Mars, Angels and Airwaves and others I can't think of right off hand.  Train will be about 20 minutes away from me in a few days but I won't be going.....went to Cincy last month instead. Other things I like to do are dog obedience and craft type stuff.

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Welcome Angela!  So great to see you here.  I'm fairly new to this site but what an amazing group of people!  Jump into the forums and meet everyone.  I took my 15-yr-old daughter and her bestie to see Train in Philly a few weeks ago.  Had an AMAZING time and the girls are still talking about it. lol  Took our "50 Ways" tshirts to Disney and just had to have a pic in front of Cinderella's Castle.  So many people asked about our shirts.  Nothing like spreading Train love in the Magic Kingdom! :D

I was just thinking of ordering a "50 Ways" shirt tonight! I took my best friend to the concert. Our daughters were not happy with us! LOL We got some much needed girl time and had a great time at the show!

I have a picture of us wearing it in the Magic Kingdom in my album.  LOL  As soon as my daughter spotted the shirt before the show she HAD to have it.  I bought it for myself on the way out. lol  We get lots of questions about it.  Not as many as the shirt we wore to the show (also pictured in my album.....bad mommy), and we enlightened people about what a Scion really is. LOL  My boyfriend couldn't fly in so I let my daughter take her bestie.  We had an amazing time. :D

I saw your shirts....love it! LOL I bought the one with the picture of them on it. I had some walk up to me and say "Hey Soul Sister" That was pretty funny. Today, I was on my way back to work after picking up some food and was nearly run over by, get this, a purple Scion! LOL!!!!  I took my best friend for her birthday. (I'm an awesome  friend! ) haha!

ROFLMAO!!!  We saw a crappy purple Scion at the Wendy's restaurant near us and my daughter SCREAMED!  We had to go back thru the parking lot so she could take a picture.  She's 15 and gets her license at 17.  She's already informed my parents she wants a crappy Purple Scion.  I have a picture in my album of the bumper sticker we made for the show.  Weeks later....it's still on my car.  We bought a few shirts at the show.  Yup, we admit it.  We're Trainiacs.  My crazy wanted to go to NYC to see them live in Central Park.  The problem was we had to be at the Philly airport hours later for our Disney World trip.  My nutcase kid thought it would be fun to drive to NYC, see the show then drive 2 hours home and head right for the airport.  Needless to say it didn't happen. LOL

Friend Request

I  am Betty Anne (Aunt Betty) and I am looking for train fans in chicago and chicago suburbs,  the whole tri-state area,,,,,,to be trainiacs together and share our love for train.

  Also friend request for people who also like Dr Who,  Craig Ferguson, The Voice plus others I can't think of  right now.

 Friend request for others whose families are musical.i have a musical family almost all perform in some way, bands, musicial instruments = guitar, keyboards, drums Also  dancers, singers, kareoke, cosplayers, actors and actresses. I have 3 older children about Pat's age. One son has a band, daughter sings, youngest son plays drums. I have 8 grandchildren who all do all sorts of talented things like sing dance art sports etc and one young greatgrand daughter she sings, her mom taught at dance school so of couse the child is a music lover she sings and dances..

My family is musical too. I played alto sax, clarinet, and flute. My older daughter plays flute, alto sax and guitar, my younger daughter had amazing natural talent on clarinet but gave it up because her teacher always pointed out how good she was and it embarrassed her. When she got older she got into winterguard and colorguard and she ended up being a drum major.  I can not play anymore due to permanent nerve damage in one of my hands. I have two beautiful guitars that I handmade. You are more than welcome to friend me Betty. I'm not exactly from your tristate area though.

Great I would love to add you as a friend. How do I do it? I used the add button but it only options importing my existing friends. I want TRAIN fan friends.


I think I friended you?

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