I mean if you have an interesting of story of how you found them. My way was probably not the usual way people find them. I found them when i was listening to my sister i pod. there was at least 250 song on it. and only one train song. it was drops of jupiter. when i was on song like 140 i would be singing an adele song and them i would just start singing doj. one day i told myself i had to find the man that wrote this song. i did. and now im here :) so if you have an interesting story of finding train id like to hear. i love to hear stories like that!

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that is a great story! I loved it! My dad told me that when i said i liked train he was like oh just another kid thing. all of them have it. It will pass in a few weeks....5 months later i asked him if he would like to go to the Fillmore with me and see train. He was surpised at what i knew about music. A while ago me and him didnt have much in common. I still see him every other week but before train seeing him was just another thing to do. sometimes it was hard to make conversation. Then i got him into train and going there isnt so hard. They brought us together. I thought that was awesome how people could do that. Ive showed him soooo much stuff ive known i just havent said it because i had no reason to. I never really thought of that but i guess thats another reason i love train soo much.

My story is not very interesting at all.....just discovered them on the radio, first meet virginina, and then drops of jupiter! But it was the "catch" in meet virginia that made me love that song and take an interest in the band....at the end when he says "I cant wait to meet virginia", and then realizing he is not talking about a girl he already knows, hes talking about his dream girl.....and in Drops of Jupiter, the "did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there"....I always thought "aha! Thats his REAL question, right there".....I dont know, for some reason, those 2 parts of those 2 songs had me hooked on Train!......Then I went to see them in some Christmas music festival in Baltimore (alannis morisett was also there, as well as some others) and it was my first time "seeing" the guys, and I fell in love!

well the first train song i heard was hey, soul sister but didn't really think much of it. i thought it was good but i wasn't all that fussed. but then a friend who loves train got me to listen to her favourite songs; marry me, and drops of jupiter. after that i went on youtube and listened to a few other songs and since then loved them :)

Well, for me it was not so long ago - as far as i look at dates. But it feels like i've been listening to train for ages. Always with me, good or bad day.

Started somewhere around Christmas 20111 when i heard Shake up Christmas. And it got me tuned for good. Tuned to Train. STarted with SMSF and Drops albums, and then started my travel back to older tracks. Amazed with Pat voice. Found such a plenty of really great music. Was absolutely down by Train approach to fan they meet. Love so many colours of Train music. Love the old ones and the new ones. It got me for good.

Ordinary???? Story - yes, Train music, no. Nothing but ordinary :)
btw one of my favourites :)

Mine is Interesting too, I was in England Talking on the phone to a good friend of mine in the USA. it was the summer time and his neighbour was playing music the song was calling all Angels i asked him to ask the guy to turn it up he did and i fell in love. I went out the next day and bought their cd. Its 9 years later i now live in The USA and i am going to meet Train on August 8th in Cincinnati Ohio.

that is a really cool story i hope you enjoy meeting them! ive always wanted to

My story is interesting too! I live in El Salvador, Central America. Train became popular here last year because of "Hey Soul Sister". However, I've been a Train fan since 2005. I was studying at the University to become a teacher and I remember that in a particular class each student had to use a song to carry out a dynamic. My teacher was the first to do it just to give an example and the song he used was "Drops of Jupiter" by this totally unknown band Train. I completely loved it!! My teacher had spent some time in the US studying a master's degree and he had the chance to buy the Drops of Jupiter album. When he returned to El Salvador, he couldn't help using Train's songs in his classes. But well, my story doesn't stop there. I liked the song but that was it. I was not into Train yet! Some weeks later, I was using a computer in an Internet cafe and I was bored so I played the music there was on the computer. I didn't know any of the songs, but I didn't want to continue working silently so I played the first. It was "Ordinary". The song was so amazing that I looked up information about it and found out it was part of the soundtrack of Spiderman 2. And guess what?? I realized it was a song by Train too! Then I said "They seem to have very good music."   After that, I found "Meet Virginia" and that was when I fell in love!! Now I have 90 songs by Train. I became a Train pioneer here in my country because I became an English teacher and every time I had to use music in my classroom, I would use a Train song and my students would like it even if the band was unknown to them. When Hey soul sister became a hit here, it was a surprise for my students to realize they had already heard others songs by the same band. I've been a Train fan for 7 years now and I'm planning to be in Charlotte to enjoy Train's concert on July 26. I hope I can meet the band. I think I deserve it considering my loyalty xD  

Cool stories i love them all!


tRaIn CRAZY said:

that is a really cool story i hope you enjoy meeting them! ive always wanted to

I really cant wait, i still cant beleive i have meet anf greet tickets. i hope you get to meet them to one day. thank you for the nice comment. :)


A very important friend, my anam cara, gave me My Private Nation, because "Calling All Angels" reminded him of me. I have been a loyal fan ever since. I try to catch at least two shows of every tour. Keep up the good work guys! Thank you for sharing your talent and your lives with us. And thanks to your families, who sacrifice while you are on the road for our enjoyment!

My story is kinda weird. I was watching the latest episode of 90210 a month or so back. Train was playing their new song drive by. I wasn't much of a fan back then but when i heard drive by I kept rewinding that scene to listen to it again and again. I recognized them cause i had listened to their Hey Soul Sister long back. After watching that show I made it a point to download that song and while I was doing that I also listened to Save me San Francisco and many more of their hits. Ever since then I've been a Hardcore Train fan. 

Watching CSI

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