Got my seats to 9/29 show in Los Angeles at the Nokia 5 rows from stage. Sec 500 row 5 seats 511,512 hoping Pat and Train will take a quick second out and let me propose in front of the crowd or even just make an announcement so everyone can cheer when she says YES. Will have the ring in my pocket and cross my fingers. Would be super cool. Give me a shout out if you are gonna be at that show.

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Good luck!  I'll be at the show - also in 5th row, so I'll cheer you on if it happens!  I have two extra tickets in the middle ORCH section that I am selling for face value, so if you have any family or friends you'd like to come and see it first-hand, let me know and I'll give you more details.  Will be a great night!

I'll keep it in mind
You sitting in the pit too?
I'm in section 500
Where are u sitting?

Great!  Yes, in the pit! :) I keep meaning to look at my seats, but keep forgetting (I'm still at work now).  I want to say 300, but am not sure? 

I think section 300 is right in the center. We will be in sec 500 just to your left. Great seats. Just curious how much you are selling those 2 extra tickets for? I forget where u said those seats were.
By the way, not sure if you use twitter or not but if you do, do me a favor and shoot a quick tweet to @train @pergonomics for me if you do and ask them to give a guy a hand with a quick proposal...;-) can use all the word of mouth help I can get to try and persuade Pat to give me a hand with creating an Awesome memory. @pergonomics is lead singer Pat Monahan's personal assistant. He answered me back a couple of weeks ago and said he wouldn't know for sure if they could help with the proposal until closer to the show.
My twitter tag is @triathlon22

I already have been sending messages with our names (Brock and Jenny) and seat locations (511,512), just hoping to hear back.
Gonna keep trying every few days and then the day/night of and give them more details like what we are wearing so they can find us. Just trying whatever I can to make it easy for them to notice us if they decide to do it.
Sure hope it happens.... Would be totally awesome.
Talk to ya later
Thanks again

Tix are Orch. row N, seats 303 & 304 (center).  Selling for face value at $140 for both tix.  Will do! Good luck!

I may be interested in those tickets, just waiting to hear back from my mom and dad to see if they can make it to the show. How would that work to get the tickets from you?
Hey Sharon
I'm gonna have to pass on those tickets, my parents aren't gonna be able to make it. Thanks so much for the offer though. Still crossing my fingers waiting to hear from the band.
See ya at the concert.
Take care....;-)
Hey Sharon,
Me again...;-)
I might have two of Jenny's close friends to can go to show. They are gonna let me know this weekend. So are your tickets still available? How would I buy them from ya?
You can email me if you want
Thanks so much
Well, Jenny's friends can't make it after all. So I guess I won't need those extra tickets....see ya at the concert. It's gonna rock. Still waiting to hear back from the band about the proposal sure hope it happens.....take care.

I'm 3rd row section 300 too I believe.  Good luck with your proposal!

Right on. I'm in the section just to your left sec 500 5th row. Just hope the band or Pat gives me a quick shout out after Marry Me or If Its Love. Hit em up on twitter for me. They are @train @jamalama @pergonomics. Mine is @triathlon22.
Hope to see ya there. Crossing my fingers.

I hope he does!!!

Good luck!!!

Wish me luck as well! :D

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