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Can't believe no one is getting in on this one.  One of my favorite songs ever.  When I listen to this,  I picture Pat standing up on his toes at the edge of the stage with his arms outstretched in the air looking out over the crowd.  His own private nation. No, their success has not been free.  It has been earned by their hard work and love for what they do.
amazing album and song

I agree with you And Peggy!

Kayla Dudley said:

amazing album and song
My favorite song off this album is "I'm about to come Alive." Amazing album and amazing song. There is even a dvd on the back side of some cds with Train fooling around and telling about their amazing ride to that point in time... the video to "I'm about to come Alive" is simply beautiful. Pat sang this one to me last year on Daniel's Island, S. C.... I was set back in awe! Great Band who love their fans and show it!

This work is awesome, I like every piece on it. Each song has its own beat and the lyrics very poetic telling us something about ourselves.  Its one of the cd's I actually keep in my car its my traveling companion I listen to it at least once a day. I keep one in the house too, but that one is in mint condition. 

I don't down load stuff too many viruses out there.  I rather pay for the cd's and be worry free about the internet police. 

My son bought the cd he knows how much I love music, so he shared, I just went out and bought my own. Then I tired of shuffling in and out so I bought one for the house and keep the  other in the car.

I hope they keep putting out good stuff.

On to MPN now, and I prefer this album as a whole over DOJ. In my opinion, there's no individual songs on MPN that top the brilliance of DOJ (the song) - but collectively i found that the tracks on MPN make for a stronger collection of songs.

Stand out track for me is When I Look To The Sky, closely followed by Counting Airplanes. Also like the quirkiness of Save The Day.

As for the dislikes, I really don't get All American Girl but it's the only song on the album I don't like. Surprised its got such a prominent position in the running order.

So what are everyone else's likes/dislikes from MPN??

Have you bought or heard save me sanfrancisco yet in its another one with lots of great lyrics.

Hi dolly, yes have got SMSF and I absolutely love it! Will drop some comments about that soon :)
When I Look To The Sky. One of my favorite songs ever (although I love all of them haha) but I love hearing Pat's incredible range towards the end of the song!(It happens during some versions of the song but not all of them. He does it when he sings it live)

"And when it feels like there's noooo one that will ever knoooow me, there you are to shoooowwwwwww meeeeeeeeeeee."

ahhh it's absolutely perfect!
Hi Mandy

I've stumbled across what I think must be the Radio Mix of WILTTS; I love those bits you mentioned too!

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