If you have facebook....here is a link to a new song...


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Link did not work.  Please try to find it again...  Which song is it?

Maybe you have to "like" or join  the Trainiacs page for it to work. 

This'll Be My Year by TRAIN

I just tried the link from an account that is not part of the Trainiacs group and you are right, it didn't work...so try joining the group.

This  is aa great song!!

Joann Pitkunigis said:

The song is on Youtube.

Seems like Pat has not memorized the lyrics yet as he sings the song while reading off of pieces of paper. 

Awesome song, thanks for sharing!  Can't wait for California 37 to come out!

sounds like a great song to me

can't wait California 37 - the whole brand new album filled with pure new music and lyrics of train...

can't wait :)

Gaucho, again thanks for always thinking of others, sharing and posting link! Appreciate this... :))

NEG, saw Pat perform this song LIVE this past Saturday in Presbyterian Church in Austin,TX that is where this video is from. Wanted you to know the song represents the history in years of the band and some of Pat's own personal history as well. It is a very personal song filled with personal feelings of Pat's. He was reading from the paper because the song is so new and the words weren't memorized - yet... So what if he holds up a piece of paper to sing the song - the point being he wanted to share this newly written personal song with his fans. "This May Be My Year" song reminds me of Billy Joel's song "We didn't Start the Fire". It was a great performance! The video doesn't capture the sound quality of the lyrics clearly or the reaction of the audience during this performance. But nontheless this was an amazing performance over all Saturday night. Too bad you didn't attend, then you would've heard Pat belt out Calling All Angels singing with out music while using the acoustic sound in the church together with his unbelievable vocal range and he sounded simply AMAZING! Whether Pat sings old train songs or the new ones what I like is the way he changes things up with each and every song. No worries for you about the new CD, if you don't think you'll like it, you don't have to buy it. Wait until you can hear snipits of each song before you make your final decision, but please try to keep an open mind. You never know, you may be pleasantly surprised and pleased. :)

New England Guy said:

Another sub-par song if you ask me.  The chorus is catchy, I'll give you that, but the rest of the song is lame. The song is so "wordy" that Pat even needed pieces of paper to remember the lines while on stage (of a song he wrote). I'm starting to get bad vibes about this new CD.  I've heard two songs and they both are weak efforts.  Again, very little instrumentation, no solos, just Pat rattling off lyrics in a "almost spoken, not sung" manner.  He's got such a great voice, why is he wasting it on songs like these.   

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