I saw train  3 times in 3 weeks.  Even camped out in NY to see them on the Today show from 10 oclock at night!  I was very disappointed in the shows.  The mucic did sound amazing, but if i never hear Soul Sister again that would be ok!  I feel the band is just playing for the new fans. Show them what the old fans knew all along.  where are the staples of the show?  Save the Day, Get to Me, All american Girl, Free, Mississippi etc..........Bring them back to the Eggplant days.  16 concerts is a forever fan.  Do not get me wrong,  I am happy that Train has reached the level of success they worked so hard to obtain since becoming a band.  The little snippets from the old songs are not enough!!!! Please put them back into the show!

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ABSOLUTELY! I could not agree more!

So glad you decided to offer your take on this, laurie. There will always be detractors and yes, it is sad when they get personal and are quite aggressive in their responses, forgetting that we are all here because we share a keen interest in Train. 

For all intents and purposes, I am a new fan. I've heard a lot of their older music, like them a lot but not quite as much as the new songs. So yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert I went to a few months ago.

As to the playing of old vs new songs, the concert is, after all, California 37 so I'm guessing they are probably contractually bound by their record company to play most of the songs from that album. I'm also guessing that songs from SMSF are thrown in to please this newer group of fans and of course Drops of Jupiter is virtually their anthem for a vast majority of their fans, old and new. That does not leave them with much time for anything else so I, personally, was thankful for Meet Virginia. From what I've gathered, the set list varies with each concert and they do play some other old songs.

I am sure Train would love to just play their old songs, to bring the same joy to their seasoned fans and loyal followers. Maybe if enough of you "campaign" passionately enough, Train just might do one of those concerts just for fun, just because and just for you :-) 

Who knows? Try! As this would be an independent concert (if there is such a thing), due to contracts and depending on sales and marketing plans, they might only be able to do this some months after California 37.

No need to duck, laurie. Your posts, to me, are always civilized so clearly you believe in taking the high road, your fears notwithstanding. 

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