Springfield, IL (State Fair Show!!) was amazing!!!.... Plus, a juicy Jimmy secret!! >;)

So I attended this show last night, and I'm still up... o.O

I didn't think it would be this long, so be warned.

I've been to several concerts before, but this was my first Train show. And they were really fantastic!! First, I had a Meet & Greet with the band, and having never done this before, I really didn't know what to expect. After picking up my ticket and VIP laminate from the Will Call window, I was directed to our meeting point, which was a prominent black trash barrel outside of a men's room lol!! But it was an out of the way spot, so all of us Gold package people fit there without blocking other foot traffic. A super nice woman chatted with me when we were waiting to go in; I failed to get her name but she was really cool and I enjoyed the company since I was at the show alone. (If you read this, thank you!!) ^_^

So once we were called to go back and meet the guys, we formed a single file line and under the care of the band's photo guy, we made our way through a low, narrow tunnel (mine shaft?) and into a small waiting room. Like others have stated about M&G merchandise, we were told that our signed item was the pre-signed poster, which is actually really neat looking. (I already have mine framed lol) We were told that we could not take our own pics, which I also already knew from here, and then he threw in 'No hugging!' Like, wut? No hugging? And I had this big plan to snuggle Pat half to death!! ;)

So we walked outside to a little concrete area and got in a line while the guys stood against the wall and people were sent up to them for their picture. I was already giddy seeing them, and I just knew that respiratory failure was imminent upon approach for my picture. :/

So it's my turn now! Everything after this point is spotty; I can only imagine that a minor car accident is something like this, where you can't recall if you zigged right or zagged left when you're trying to piece it together later.

The photo guy told me to go ahead and get in the group with the guys, and there was a pre-existing hole in the trio from the last person, so I slid right on in there. I was gonna do the whole 'pretend I'm yawning while stretching my arm over Pat's shoulders' bit, but there wasn't time for all that romantic stuff, so I went right for the waist with my left arm. I'm not sure what my right arm was doing, so Jimmy may have felt a little left out. And I'm not even sure I saw Scott. The photo guy was getting set up, and then Pat looked at me (and damn he's got gorgeous eyes!! <3) and said something like "You doing ok?". I have no idea what I said or if it was even in English, but it was something like 'yeah... just kinda nervous'. And Pat was like, "You'll be ok" or something... I'm still having a hard time with the words; my brain is all fuzzled. I also have to note that Pat and I had on similar black v-neck tshirts!! I'm gonna pretend I got mine from his closet. ;)

So they get the picture, ( I hope it turns out ok, gonna be sweating it 'til they post it! ) and I said thanks to the guys and started to walk off. I had gone that afternoon and gotten my hair done before the show, and I had them put a purple highlight streak in on my right side. So as I was leaving (drumroll for the saucy, sordid secret), Jimmy says, "Purple is my favorite color"... lol!!! Now this may or may not be true, but I thought it was terribly cute, and I looked back and said "thank you!!! and smiled (like a goofball probably), and went in after my poster and to get my heart kickstarted again. XP

So after all this awesome craziness, I limped back to my car ( I did NOT wear the right shoes for being on fairgrounds) and stashed my awesome signed poster so it wouldn't get wrinkled. Then I walked back to the Grandstand and went down to the standing room section in front of the stage on the track. Yeah, like the horse racing track. Unfortunately, the standing room section already had a bunch of people in it by the time I got in there, so I couldn't get as close to the stage as I would have liked, but I got close enough to take a couple decent videos and to see the guys tearing up the stage!!

The two opening acts were really good!! I had heard a few songs of theirs on the radio, but didn't recognize them at first by name. I was so excited with the way Train opened; they play this train whistle sound and have fog machines going to simulate a steam engine effect I think. And these guys are passionate!! They really put a lot of soul into their singing and instruments. That wail... superb!!

So in summary: The music is amazing, they played all my favorites, the guys and the rest of the on stage crew make a great team, the M&G was handled nicely/worth every penny, other Train fans are really nice, I hope they come close to my area again someday, and I saw one hell of a show last night.

And all I really wanted to say to Pat just then but couldn't: You're beautiful!! <3


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I was also at the Springfield show last night.  Before the concert I was talking to someone with a Train shirt outside of the grandstand. We chatted about the band and seeing them in concert.  She was waiting to pick up her tickets, and then go in for the meet and greet.  Boy was I surprised later to see her come on stage and do an awesome job of singing Bruises.  Once I got into the concert, my tickets were for SRO on the track, I was right on the barricade for the stage, I started talking to the little boy next to me.  It was his first concert and he was in awe of how close he was.  We talked about music and how excited he was to be at his first concert, and how much fun the state fair was.  When Andy Grammer gave away the stuffed banana his Mom and I tried to get Andy's attention, but we did not get the banana.  But that little nine year old boy was in heaven when Train started playing. Jimmy reached down and gave him a guitar pick, then he got one of the beach balls that were thrown out in the stands and then at the end of the night, Pat made  his day when he pulled him on stage and presented him with a guitar signed by the whole band.  The band was great, but I think what truly made the concert for me was all the great wonderful people that  I got to meet last night.  This was my first Train concert, but it will definitely not be my last.  Thanks to all the bands and the people last night that made it a wonderful experience.

I loved reading your post! Sounds exactly like I felt at my first meet and greet a few weeks ago in Indy! I started to cry when I saw them standing there! I was so in awe of Pat that I couldn't hardly make eye contact with him! It was the most amazing night. My husband and I renewed our vows backstage after the show. Afterwards Pat came up to me and hugged me and congratulated us! I am pretty sure I wasn't even in my own body at that point! Scott was an absolute doll and Jimmy was so sweet! I keep watching the video and looking at the pictures and I can't believe it actually happened! I'm glad you had a good experience and thanks for sharing! :)

I tweeted this to Jimmy:

@jammalama Someone told me that you said your favorite color is purple. Is that true?


And he replied:

@Trainfan2012 Yes I love the color purple. Great movie. #oprah

You're welcome Sherry! Glad you had a good time too! ^_^

Hannah, that's too funny! The Color Purple is an old movie that I have actually never seen lol..  he probably doesn't even remember telling me that after seeing all the people that they have to pose with. :D

Yeah, I was just really excited he replied!

Haha I would be too! ^_^

I'm super excited; they just posted out Meet and Greet pics from last night! Check out Pat and I in matching tees lol!! ^_^

Awesome! I'm glad you had fun at the M&G! I'll be going in September and I hope it's great! Me and my granddad will purposely get in the back of the line for a few extra seconds with the boys...!

Oh cool! I hope you guys have a great time too! Good plan! :)

Thanks! Btw, Love the pic!

Thanks! I was afraid I would look really goofy; fortunately I only look a little goofy lol!! Not bad for one of the best moments of my life!!

I'm so grateful that they did the M&Gs; I know it must be a hassle with everything that goes into prepping for a show to begin with.

Nah, it's a great pic!

I hope they decide not to take the meet and greets away if everyone will stop complaining.

Yeah, I'd hate to see it get ruined for other people that would appreciate it. :/

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