First couple married at a Train concert!

Meet the first couple married at a Train concert, Jon and Corie Martin

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Comment by Hannah King on July 31, 2012 at 3:13am

Dude, shut up! If someone wants to get married at a train concert, let them. It's their wedding. It doesn't matter when or where you get married at, it's the factor of getting married. As far as the fans waiting to get to the next song, they can wait 3-5 minutes. I agree with your point on the Meet and Greets, (from what I've heard) they should be better. Less tickets should be sold, I think that'sthe problem with that whole deal. As far as the fans jumping ship, there's plenty of fans in line. There's also enough original fans who are planning on staying with the band. It's the fans who whine about every little thing (*cough, cough*) that are jumping ship. Get over yourself and either stay, or go. Stop whining.

Comment by Jennifer Morgan Naylor on August 4, 2012 at 5:49pm

New England Guy ~ Marriage isn't about money. Some people do not have the means to spend $5,000 on an entire wedding, let alone a single wedding dress. For those who won the wedding opportunities early, there was very little time to get things organized. She found a dress on short notice that made her feel beautiful. He did dress up. The point is that this couple and those that followed took their vows and meant them. Whether that marriage took place unceremoniously at a county courthouse in front of a judge wielding only a pen and papers to sign; on a private, secluded beach in front of no one; in a church packed with friends and family carefully selected and seated to avoid infighting; or on stage at a Train show, they loved each other enough to say, "I do." I was the bride on stage at the Des Moines show, and let me tell you, my husband, two children, and I are all still glowing from the experience. And since apparel seems to be important to you, yes, I wore a proper wedding gown. Cameron wore a tuxedo. The five and three-year-old were all decked out as well in a gown and tux, basket and pillow, just like we all would have had we desired a church wedding. Putting this all together in 10 days is now just part of our wedding story. Listening to the audience roar at our "I do's" indicates that they didn't mind a short wedding amid their concert. Anyone who ran into us afterwards congratulated us, hugged us, high-fived us, rather than berated us for interrupting their concert experience. Strangers told us it was "beautiful", "amazing", "awesome", and one even said it made her cry. Pat, Jimmy, and Scott were amazingly gracious. To my family, no matter how short the ceremony or where it took place, our wedding was a sacred and utterly incredible experience. To. Us.  And that is what matters. The memory and story behind it are unique, a story that we love sharing, one that we will treasure for the rest of our lives together. We would not have changed a single thing about this experience and thank Train for uniting our family in marriage. Train does so much for their fans, and this opportunity was truly a gift. Maybe it's not for everyone and their vision of their special day, but for us, it fit perfectly. Train connects to their fans in ways other bands do not take the time to do. Also, for what it's worth, they do not organize their own Meet & Greets, so it is no use to blame the guys for falling short of your expectations. I met the tour manager, Thomas, and he is an incredibly busy man, doing the best he can in order to get the eager fans who want to meet Train in to do so, fans who won passes through radio stations and TV stations and contests, for those who purchased them, or acquired them in whatever manner. That is a lot to organize. Allowing more fans to meet the guys may result in shorter Meet & Greets, but it also gives that many more people memories they did not have before. I am thankful for what I have been given by this band. Thank you, Train.


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