50 More Ways To Say Goodbye (from the fans)

You guys have insane imaginations and we love it! We picked our favorite 50 More Ways To Say Goodbye that you submitted to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr and posted them below! There might be more than 50 but these were too good not to post! If you have more, keep posting them up. We're keeping tabs for something special...

Download the song on iTunes, enjoy and sing along!

She wore Red in Pamploma,
Ended up in a coma

Fell off roller coaster
Stuck a fork into a toaster

Became a siderodromophoby (fear of trains)
Got sucked up by her Flowbee

She mistook Jimmy for Howie
Slipped off a cliff in Maui

She fell down an open manhole
Stole an old man’s fishing pole

Folks didn't believe her
When she got sick with Bieber fever

Got shot in the head
During night of the living dead

She defriended a psycho
Didn’t switch to Geico

Her brain froze from drinking slushies
She was mauled by a hundred hush puppies

She was mauled by an express train,
A zombie went for her brain

Fell down the grand canyon
Got defeated by a cannon

Crushed by a tsunami
Cut infected after a long night of origami

Washed out to sea while hanging ten
She slept with one too many men

Self-inflicted puncture wound running with scissors
Swimming with the dolphins, but harpooned by fishers

She thought a wolf was a husky
Drank to much whiskey

She got charged by a rhino
Fell off a silo
Went back in time and got chased by the dinos

Choked on a Twinkie
Fell and broke her pinky

Stuck too many pencils in her ears
Went to a wine bar and ordered beers

Tripped while crossing the street.
Went camping and ate too much deet.

She was texting while driving,
Forgot her parachute skydiving.

Tried to take a teddy home from the fair
But when she got in the car she had a real bear

Got busted for being a narc
And fed to a hungry shark

Didn’t pay the ransom
Bought a ranch from Charlie Manson

Told my mom a yo mamma joke
Had Pop Rocks with a can of Coke

She went out to harpoon a big whale
Got knocked out the boat by his big tale

She swam in niagara falls
Poked her own voodoo dolls

she got caught in a tornado,
choked on a potato,
got licked to death by an angry hungry hippo

Got trapped in an elevator
Chewed up by an alligator

Got swept away in a flood,
Drank some bad vampire blood

She never found thunder storms frightening
Was struck down by lightning

She danced too close to the canyon ledge,
Did a twirl right over the edge.

She was carried away by a hurricane.
Drove too slow in the fast lane.

She forgot to read the warning label
Grabbed on tight to an electric cable

She drowned in the Great Lakes
Ate her weight in pancakes

Jumped out of a moving plane
Got trampled by a great dane

Got sucked into a tornado
Poisoned eating play-dough

Swam with a Great White
Lost in a chicken fight

She stuck her finger in a socket,
Took a ride in a rocket

She got hit by a foul ball,
Drowned in a fountain shopping at the mall

She jumped into a volcano
Got caught up by a tornado

Her stiletto got stuck in a crack
And she went smack

She got chopped by the ceiling fan,
Trying to fly like Peter pan

Said she didn't like the band
A fan bit off her hand

Face planted on a porcupine
Got tangled up in fishing line

Got run over by a garbage truck,
Went sword fighting and forgot to duck

Flew away in Santa Ana,
Choked on a banana

She slipped on the high bar
Fell off of a street car

Painted her nails with cyanide
Joined the Dark Side

Kissed a stranger and got mono
Got trampled chasing Bono

She got fried by her XBox
Slipped on marble in her wet socks

Swan dove onto concrete
Hung herself out to dry with a bed sheet

She has brain freeze from ice cream
Got stuck in her skinny jeans

She got hit by a shooting star,
Fell onto hot tar,
Changed the channel to Bravo at a sports bar

Squeezed to death by a Boa,
Cramped up from heavy flow-ah,
Didn't make it to the arc in time for Noah

She stepped on a sidewalk crack,
Fell and broke her own back...

Got bit by the bird on twitter,
Was put in jail cuz she littered

Was trampled in a flash mob,
Eatin by Godzilla,
Didn't listen to enough Train

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Comment by Hannah King on August 28, 2012 at 5:01pm

Haha! Love this!

Comment by Hannah King on August 28, 2012 at 5:17pm

Oooh! I just thought of some!


Tried to tweet while juggling fire

Stepped on an electric wire


Washed away while at sea

Didn't care that Pat had to pea


Turned wrong on the freeway

Insulted Patsofasoism, hey!


Called Pat Monahan creepy

Drove while she was sleepy


Insulted Train in front of fans

Claimed she did not like the band


That's it but my crazy mind will come up with more later...

Comment by Jen Murphy on August 28, 2012 at 6:06pm

I was so excited to see mine on the list!! :o)

Comment by Jen Murphy on August 28, 2012 at 6:14pm

She mistook Jimmy for Howie

Slipped off a cliff in Maui

Face planted on a porcupine

Got tangled up in fishing line

Comment by Jen Murphy on August 28, 2012 at 6:22pm

Thanks, Laurie! :o) 

Comment by Hannah King on August 28, 2012 at 6:35pm

I was messing with my friend with the pea thing... she didn't get it...

Comment by Hannah King on August 28, 2012 at 6:38pm

Four lines of that was something I took from Pat on either Twitter or his blogs... The last two were very common the other four were somewhat original... shows how creative I am. :P

Comment by Debbie Russell on August 28, 2012 at 8:10pm
"50 Ways"... Just for fun,

She met a snake in the grass
All he wanted was her ass
Comment by Jen Murphy on August 28, 2012 at 9:29pm
Laurie, saw your post in the M&G thread... I was at the Canandaigua show on Friday too and had 'deer in headlight' syndrome when it was my turn during the M&G...lol. Great show though!
Comment by Kayla on August 29, 2012 at 1:52am

she went skiing in the cold was warned not to eat the yellow snow ended up a pea sicle now you know


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