We had 15 strangers sit down for a "secret song listening experience" and here's how it went down.

Train "Greatest Hits" coming November 9th. Sixteen of your favorite songs along with our cover of Careless Whisper (featuring the one & only, Kenny G! 🎷), ➡️➡️ pre-order your copy + we also have a couple of bundles available for pre-order in the webstore.

I have avoided a “greatest hits” record for a long time. I’ve always thought of those records as a way of saying, “Welp, it was fun while it lasted” and that stressed me out. We live in a new music world now though and having people be able to find songs they love faster and easier seems like a great idea. We’re proud & excited that this is the list of songs that built the band for 25 years. Hope they take you to as many great memories as they take us.

Love, Pat and your Train family

P.S. See you back here in a few weeks for more exciting news 😉

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