Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co. Limited Reserve 2018 Cab

Over 10 years ago, Train partnered with winemaker James Foster to make a great Northern California red wine to support Family House and to give wine lovers a great taste of the Bay Area. Here we are today celebrating 10 years of Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co. and also coincidentally 20 years of Drops of Jupiter. Now, after selling 10 million bottles of the many different Save Me, San Francisco varietals, it’s time to go BIG! We’re very excited to announce our first Limited Reserve. It’s a 2018 Cab from Monterey...a big, beautiful ready to drink Cabernet Sauvignon. James and I are so excited about this wine that we thought about keeping it to ourselves but that’s like holding on to a song that should be heard over and over again. There was only enough juice to make 200 cases so they will be gone very quickly. Don’t miss out on this limited chance to get some of this very limited Cabernet. You can give me a thank you hug as soon as we can all be together again. Love you guys! Cheers!

A high quality and limited, finite production means it won’t be as inexpensive as you might be used to but, as always, proceeds from every bottle sold will continue to benefit Family House.  

❤️🥂- Pat

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